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This is the definition of a word that was a title of this youtube video.

This video was made by KindVonDerRitter, or, "CHILD OF THE NIGHT."

Here is the video itself:


If the links do not work, I am sorry.

He seems at first to be rewinding time itself, and then, he enters Chris's house. We see Chris and Alex frozen inside, as if he has frozen time. He goes upstairs, and seems to look for something. As he didn't find it, he left. then, he lets time run back to normal as he leaves.

Now, because of this video, we can tell what the different distortions mean. the one at the begining was time reversing. the red distortion when he entered the house was time freezing. and the blue distortion was time UNfreezing. this will be alot easier to understand what is happening in the future, and it also tells us something else. Something important. That Slender Man doesn't teleport. He travels through time.

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