Update #7 [2:33 PM 2/24/2013]
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Chris explains the results of Daniel's visit.

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February 24, 2013



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Update #7 [2:33 PM 2/24/2013] is the sixty-second video in the Dark Harvest series.

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I'm not giving up yet. Here's the update video, as promised.

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Chris tells the viewers that Daniel had returned to Brandt-Crater Cemetery but a crime scene had been set up by the police. Due to the police's connections to The Order, Daniel abandons the investigation. He says Daniel believes Kind von der Ritter is Marc McComber, and that Jacob Rainwood was related to Lawrence Rainwood, a chief overseer of The Order who was murdered by conspirators within the cult. Chris decides to locate Jesse to find more leads.

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  • Daniel believes Marc McComber is the identity of Kind von der Ritter.
  • Chris learns about Lawrence Rainwood.
  • Chris decides to locate Jesse.

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Update 7

Update 7