The Massachusetts Footage (Nov. 4, 2015)
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Chris prepares to enter the woods.

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Nov 20, 2016



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The Massachusetts Footage (Nov. 4, 2015) is the seventy-third video in the Dark Harvest series.

 YouTube Description Edit

It's unclear what happened to Alex and Chris in the months between late 2014  (which is when I'm assuming the conversation with Charlie McDowell takes place) and the date of  this footage. Chris uploaded 2 videos in the summer of 2015. What's strange is that while I was with him through the spring of 2014, he told me we shouldn't upload videos anymore. That was around May, I think. He said it wasn't accomplishing anything. But he still carried that camera around all the time - I guess it was a force of habit? And yet he STILL uploaded those videos in 2015, and curiously marked them (x of 3) without completing the series. I'm still trying to piece everything together, and this was the first excerpt of footage I was able to compile that made sense. 

They were using at least 3 cheap cameras to record, and looking at everything together it's pretty hard to understand the big picture. And there's still so much of it. This footage was the easiest to fit into the timeline given the context of what's already posted. I'll continue sorting through everything. 

It's also worth noting that this seems to be around the time that the 6th Enclave completed its schism. - Heather

Summary Edit

Heather is revealed to be alive and has taken over the channel. She is uncertain of Chris and Alex's current whereabouts and is surveying the footage from three cameras in an attempt to piece together where they might be.

The video takes place in November 2015 and depicts Chris and Alex in a forest in Massachusetts searching for Charlie McDowell's care package mentioned in 2014 - Alex woke up. Anticipating a trap by the Order, Chris wears a kevlar vest under his coat and goes on ahead while Alex follows from a distance. Chris locates the care package but as he approaches it he is shot by an assassin of the Order's New England Chapter using a sniper rifle. Because of the kevlar vest, Chris isn't wounded, but the bullet's impact incapacitates him and he takes cover behind a boulder. Alex rushes in, sneaks up on the assassin and kills him with his handgun. Alex demands that they take the care package and leave immediately, but Chris, in a state of shock, questions the meaning of the assassin's mask, which is colored half-white and half-black. Alex angrily dismisses this observation and they leave.

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Major Events Edit

  • Chris and Alex managed to retrieve Charlie's care package in Massachusetts.
  • Chris and Alex encounter an assassin from the New England Chapter of the Order.
  • Heather is revealed to be alive after her disappearance in 2014 and has taken over the channel.
  • Heather intends to find Chris and Alex by surveying footage from three cameras.

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The Massachusetts Footage (Nov

The Massachusetts Footage (Nov. 4, 2015)