The Day Camp, Revisited
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Chris, Alex, and Jesse find the Gorr'rylaehotep mural.

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May 13, 2011



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The Day Camp, Revisited is the twenty-ninth video in the Dark Harvest series.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

We returned to the day camp where we found the black book.

I know that couldn't have been him.

I still haven't looked at the photo I took yet. I'll upload it to Twitter at a later time I think. I'm still shaking.


On Chris' hunch; he, Alex, and Jesse return to the Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center. Chris says that he feels like Kind von der Ritter wanted them to go back there to find something, and that it makes sense in that it meets the description of "where the kinder gather" (Kinder=children in German). The boys head back to the day camp at night with flashlights where they find a series of symbols and messages on the walls. They locate pills and take some with them. Chris sees the symbol that was in the black book and says it might be what Kind von der Ritter wanted them to find. Alex and Chris argue, and then Alex is startled by a mural of Slenderman. After more heated arguing, Alex attempts to leave and a fistfight nearly breaks out. As Alex storms off, he encounters an entity not seen on camera. Even more upset and afraid, Alex becomes even more determined to leave, and does. Chris stays and films inside the building when a dark-cloaked person with a mask on walks into the beam of his flashlight. 

Attendance Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Chris, Alex, and Jesse revisit the Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center at night, but explore inside the main building.
  • A scared and enraged Alex quits the investigation of Greg's homicide.
  • Chris witnesses a cloaked, masked person inside the building.


  • There is a clock symbol on the chalkboard, which may be a reference to MLAndersen0.

Video Edit

The Day Camp, Revisited07:55

The Day Camp, Revisited

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