The Day Camp, Revisited is the twenty-second video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.


"Do you know the fucking point of a code? It's to keep things secret!" -Chris
Chris, Alex, and Jesse decide to explore the Rainwood Learning Center, the main building on the Rainwood Day Camp's grounds, under a hunch that Kind von der Ritter wants the trio to find something of interest there. The trio enter the Learning Center at night with flashlights and medical masks to protect them from asbestos poisoning. They find a series of strange symbols and messages written on the walls, implying that the building is still be used. They also collect an unknown type of medicine. Chris spots a symbol that he recognizes from the Collective Knowledge and says it might be what Kind von der Ritter wanted them to find. A mural of a tall, faceless figure spooks Alex, sparking a heated argument between him and Chris. When an agitated Alex attempts to leave, a loud scream is heard by an unknown figure, prompting the trio to flee. Furious at Chris, Alex departs, claiming he is "crazy" for following the Collective Knowledge's messages. When Chris peeks inside the Learning Center, a hooded, masked individual walks out into the hallway.  

Trivia Edit

  • There is a clock symbol on the chalkboard, which may be a reference to MLAndersen0, another YouTube serial inspired by the Slender Man mythos.

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