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Red-Masked Executioner
The executioner in Log Entry 28.








New Jersey



Order Rank

Unknown (likely Archvassal)


The Order, New Jersey Chapter Overseer


Chris, Alex, Heather McComber, Jesse Laurenzi


Axe, hand gun



The Red-Masked Executioner (or Red Mask) is a minor antagonist in Dark Harvest. He is a member of the New Jersey Order chapter whose identity is unknown.

He first appeared in Log Entry #28.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

It is unknown what Red Mask looks like under his Order attire, but he appears to be a tall, average-sized adult male. He wears a black hoodie, and a red mask, which signifies his duties to kill.

Character Edit

Nothing is known about Red Mask's identity and personality, other than he appears to be a callous and violent individual.

History Edit

Under the Overseer's authorization, Red Mask beheaded Jesse Laurenzi with an axe on March 15, 2013 in front of various other members of the cult, as punishment for betraying his enclave. The footage of the execution was sent to Chris and Alex, along with a stern warning by the Overseer.

On August 20, 2013, Red Mask and another member invaded Heather McComber's home and attempted to kill her and Chris. The two escaped, not before Red Mask managed to shoot Heather in the leg. The wound was eventually healed, but then reopened in 2014 and became gravely infected. Heather convinced Chris to take her to a hospital, but she disappeared days later.

Entires covering these events

Killed Victims Edit

Red Mask has killed the following characters.

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