Log Entry #26
Alex and chris captured
Chris and Alex face execution.

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October 5, 2012



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Log Entry #26 is the fifty-fourth video in the Dark Harvest series.


Over a month after Noah Maxwell revealed their names to The Order, Chris and Alex believe the cult will strike them at any moment. They devise a plan to capture Jesse and have him convince The Order to leave them alone. Jeff provides Chris and Alex with the needed capture and interrogation supplies.

Chris and Alex lure Jesse in by inviting him to go to a party. Jesse arrives but offers them a ride to the party himself and Chris and Alex reluctantly comply. At nightfall, Jesse stops the car in a secluded area and solemnly apologizes to Chris and Alex before exiting. The Order appears wielding axes and arrests them.

The Order intends to execute Chris and Alex for infiltrating their practices, and Jesse is given the honors to kill Chris. Jesse is unwilling to and is pushed away. Before the cultists drop their axes, Jeff appears and holds them at gunpoint, demanding they free Chris and Alex. The cultists comply and the three escape unharmed, but terrified.

Attendance Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Capture and Rescue of Chris and Alex
    • Chris and Alex attempt to capture and interrogate Jesse, with the assistance of Jeff.
    • Jesse delivers Chris and Alex to The Order for execution, but they are saved by Jeff.

Video Edit

Log Entry 2614:49

Log Entry 26

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