Log Entry #24 [3/15/2012 7:20 PM]
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Greg's tapes.

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March 15, 2012



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Log Entry #24 [3/15/2012 7:20 PM] is the forty-eighth video in the Dark Harvest series.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

Greg's brother Jeff came down from Hoboken and wanted to talk with me and Alex.

Today is the one year anniversary of Greg's death.

Summary Edit

It has been one year since Greg's death. Greg's brother Jeff is in town and contacts Chris and Alex on the account that he has found several tapes in Greg's closet. Chris and Alex explain to Jeff that they urged Greg to film himself last year prior to his death. Convinced the tapes may contain leads, Jeff requests that they review the footage, and Chris and Alex accept.

Attendance Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Jeff visits town for the anniversary of Greg's death.
  • Jeff finds a collection of tapes in Greg's closet and requests to watch them with Chris and Alex.
  • Chris has apparently recovered mentally from the events in February 24th, able to speak and respond confidently.

Trivia Edit

  • Greg has a Tool poster in his room.

Video Edit

Log Entry 2403:24

Log Entry 24

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