Log Entry #17 [4:25 PM 7/18/2011]
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Alex discovers The Order has blocked entry to the Learning Center.

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July 18, 2011



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Log Entry #17 [4:25 PM 7/18/2011] is the thirty-third video in the Dark Harvest series.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

back to square one

Summary Edit

Alex tells Chris what happened when he went downstairs to get a drink the previous night. He saw three masked figures presumably from The Order dashing of into the forest opposite the house. He did not call the police, explaining that based on their prior experiences, "They don't give a shit. And that really scares me."

Chris and Alex arrive at the Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center to find that all the windows and doors have been boarded up on the main building.

Attendance Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Alex explains that he witnessed three masked figures stalking him, who then fled into the woods.
  • Chris and Alex find out The Order has boarded up every entrance to the main building of the Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center.

Trivia Edit

  • Chris and Alex enjoy playing Minecraft together.
  • Alex likes Arnold Palmer iced tea.

Video Edit

Log Entry 1703:49

Log Entry 17

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