Log Entry #11 [01/15/2011 3:04 PM] is the twelfth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.

Summary Edit

"I'm just gonna have to show you the video because you're not gonna believe me." -Chris at the end of video
Alex helps Chris move back into house. When Alex spots the suited man nearby, he pursues him across the neighborhood. Chris gives chase but quickly loses them. While wandering the streets, Chris finds a white bag-like mask, which was likely pulled off the suited man by Alex during the chase. Chris then encounters a tall, eerie figure that resembled the suited man and flees. As he runs, the footage becomes heavily distorted. Chris eventually finds Alex with the help of a friend. A man had escaped across a frozen pond. On their way home, Chris directs Alex and his friend back to where he spotted the tall figure, only to find nothing.