Log #19.5 [Update]
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Chris and Alex discuss abandoning the investigation.

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August 30, 2011



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Log #19.5 [Update] is the thirty-sixth video in the Dark Harvest series, and the final video of season one.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

I didn't know Alex recorded that last clip. He didn't tell me he did.


Chris states that after the events of the previous video, he and Alex called the cops immediately, and they came immediately. The cops investigated the area where the cultists were but left due to a hurricane (presumably Hurricane Sandy). Chris and Alex walk through the area in which the encountered the cultists, recounting what happened. Chris points to a location where a pool of blood (which he presumes was washed away by the storm) was found by the cops, and mentions that the police took the masks. Chris speculates that they took them for DNA.

Chris and Alex discuss their situation, and Alex reminds Chris that the cops told them to stay out of it, and notes that the more the investigate, the more people get hurt. Alex also points out that Detective Amsel promised to find The Tall Man and says that Amsel seemed to be looking out for their well being. He expresses concern for the safety of their friends and families and seems to sway Chris towards ending their investigations.

In the final clip, Alex thanks the viewers for their support, and announces that they plan to stop. Alex looks confused for a moment, and audio and visual distortion appears as Alex glances over his shoulder as the video ends.

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Major Events Edit

  • Fearing for their lives and the safety of their friends and family, Chris and Alex decide to end their investigation on Greg's homicide.

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Log 1906:12

Log 19.5 (Update)

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