Log #19
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Alex finds a mask in the woods.

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August 13, 2011



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The Order


Kind von der Ritter




Log #19 is the thirty-fifth video in the Dark Harvest series.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

this footage is from yesterday. details later


The video takes place the day after Log 18. Chris and Alex go back to the woods from the previous log. They find three masks, the ones used by The Order. Chris makes the connection between three people and three masks, saying that people in the previous video were definitely in the area and something happened to them. They keep on searching the area and they find the Suited Cultist (who resembles Gorr'rylaehotep). The cultist chases Alex and Chris until Kind von der Ritter tackles him. The real Gorr'rylaehotep appears and Chris and Alex shelter at Alex's house, locking themselves in the basement. They later decide to come out, Alex grabs his axe, and they go upstairs, where they find Gorr'rylaehotep has entered the house.

Attendance Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Chris and Alex encounter the Suited Cultist, but Kind von der Ritter attacks him.
  • Chris and Alex are chased by Gorr'rylaehotep.

Trivia Edit

  • At the end the video when Gorr'rylaehotep appears in the house, the same audio distortion effect from The Atlantic Test Site video is heard.
  • This is the first instance in the series where Gorr'rylaehotep, The Order, and Kind von der Ritter all make appearances in one video.
  • Alex apparently loses his glasses during the chase with the Suited Cultist.
  • Alex mentions he and Chris used to play at the playground near the woods.

Video Edit

Log 1905:57

Log 19

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