Interview with Heather McComber
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Chris and Alex interview Heather.

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October 29, 2011



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Interview with Heather McComber is the thirty-ninth video in the Dark Harvest series.

Summary Edit

Chris and Alex interview Heather McComber at a local Starbucks. They learn that the chest she owns was once Marc McComber's, her grandfather and that she was forbidden to look inside of it as a child. They also learn that Marc was an assistant scientist at the Atlantic Test Site in the 1950s, and developed dementia shortly before his disappearance in 2001. Chris and Alex ask to have another interview with Heather at her house, which she accepts.

Attendance Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Alex meets Heather.
  • Chris and Alex interview Heather and learn more about the chest she owns and Marc McComber's past.

Trivia Edit

  • At 7:35, the secret jingle from The Legend of Zelda series is heard, presumably from someone's cell phone. This is the third time The Legend of Zelda has made an unconventional cameo in the series.

Video Edit

Interview with Heather McComber12:39

Interview with Heather McComber

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